Fortbildning med Lee Brummer i september!

Workshop med Lee Brummer från ilDance.

Fredag 7 september kl. 10-15 i Härnösand, lokal ej klart.

Fortbildningen är kostnadsfri för dansverksamma i Västernorrland och för medlemmar i Danscentrum Norr. Övriga i mån av plats.

Sista anmälningsdag är 24/8 till danskonsulenten, se kontaktuppgifter nedan.

Workshop beskrivning:

Lee’s workshops aspire to develop body awareness and conciousness of the endless physical possibilities of each individual, whilst also connecting to different sources of inspiration and using a variety of levels of sophistication.

We warm up by sensing the body through shifts of weight and referring to movement of the skeleton and different layers of the body in movement sequences. Throughout the workshop we will touch on improvisation, task based work and set material and we will explore ways in which to utilise each of our individual capabilities and enable expression in a direct and physical way.

Foto: Aviad Oren

Biografi Lee Brummer:

Lee Brummer is an independent choreographer, international guest teacher and educator as well as the Co-Founder and co director of Gothenburg based dance company, ilDance. (

As a performer she danced with the Bat Dor Dance Company (Israel), The Emanuel Gat Dance Company (Israel) and with various independent choreographers across Europe. She has worked as choreographer’s assistant in a variety of dance productions and musicals in Sweden and abroad.

Brummer completed her BA-Dance and teaching degree at The Jerusalem Academy of Music & Dance and has studied psychology, theatre and pilates alongside her career as a dancer and choreographer.

Over the years Brummer has been teaching and working with companies such as: DV8, Australian Dance Theatre, Sydney Dance Company, National Dance Company Wales and Norrdans to name a few. Additionally she has been guest teaching open professional classes at universities and schools worldwide.

Brummer has been choreographing her own work within different structures since 2010.

Today her teaching practise is composed of anatomical and physical exploration which is dedicated to discovering ones individuality, originality and capacity within their own body. In her choreographic practise, text and spoken word have become extremely influential both within the process and in the final version of the work on stage.